chaosmagpy.plot_utils.plot_timeseries(time, *args, **kwargs)[source]

Returns a line plot showing the timeseries of the input arguments.

timendarray, shape (N,)

Array containing time in modified Julian dates.

*argsndarray, shape (N, k)

Array containing k columns of values to plot against time. Several arrays can be provided as separated arguments.


Matplotlib figure.

axesmatplotlib.axes.Axes, ndarray

Array of which singleton dimenions have been squeezed out. Only the axes instance is returned in case of a single axis.

Other Parameters:
figsize2-tuple of floats

Figure dimension (width, height) in inches.

titleslist of strings

Subplot titles (defaults to empty strings).


Label of the vertical axis (defaults to an empty string).

layout2-tuple of int

Layout of the subplots (defaults to vertically stacked subplots).


Other options to pass to matplotlib plotting method.