Version 0.13

Date: January 31, 2024
Release: v0.13


Version 0.12

Date: April 27, 2023
Release: v0.12


  • Updated RC-index file to RC_1997-2023_Feb_v8_Dst_mod.dat (used during the construction of CHAOS-7.14).

  • Plotting function do not return figure and axes handles anymore. If needed, they can be accessed through matplotlib’s gcf() and gca().

  • Added function chaosmagpy.model_utils.sensitivity() to compute the sensitivity of spherical harmonic coefficients.

  • Changed the default colormap for the component maps to 'PuOr_r' (orange for positive values and purple for negative ones).


  • Fixed error in chaosmagpy.data_utils.load_shcfile() when reading single piece, quadratic splines. Error was due to a failure to identify the shc-parameter line as the first non-comment line in the file.

  • Fixed KeyError that is raised when no name is given to the chaosmagpy.chaos.CHAOS constructor. This only affected direct calls to the constructor due to an outdated config keyword.

Version 0.11

Date: September 29, 2022
Release: v0.11
Version of CHAOS: CHAOS-7.12 (0712) and CHAOS-7.13 (0713)


Version 0.10

Date: July 1, 2022
Release: v0.10
Version of CHAOS: CHAOS-7.11 (0711)


  • Updated RC-index file to RC_1997-2022_June_v3.

Version 0.9

Date: April 1, 2022
Release: v0.9
Version of CHAOS: CHAOS-7.10 (0710)


  • Updated RC-index file to RC_1997-2022_Feb_v3.

  • Changed the default leap year setting when loading/saving shc-files using the model classes to leap_year=False.

  • Added function chaosmagpy.chaos.load_CALS7K_txtfile() to read the CALS7K coefficients file.

  • Function chaosmagpy.model_utils.design_gauss() now accepts multidimensional shapes of input grids and preserves them in the output.

  • Added new method chaosmagpy.chaos.Base.to_ppdict(), which returns a dictionary of the pp-form compatible with MATLAB.

  • Added support for calibration parameters.

  • Renamed “params.version” in basicConfig to “params.CHAOS_version”.


Version 0.8

Date: December 9, 2021
Release: v0.8
Version of CHAOS: CHAOS-7.9 (0709)



  • Removed Euler pre-rotation, which was not correctly implemented, and added a warning.

  • Fixed shc-file loader to correctly exclude extrapolation sites.

  • Fixed numpy broadcasting error in chaosmagpy.data_utils.mjd2000().

Version 0.7.1

Date: August 05, 2021
Release: v0.7.1
Version of CHAOS: CHAOS-7.8 (0708)


  • Fixed CHAOS shc-file loader.

Version 0.7

Date: August 05, 2021
Release: v0.7
Version of CHAOS: CHAOS-7.8 (0708)


  • Added matplotlib’s plot_directive for sphinx and added more examples to a new gallery section in the documentation.

  • Added chaosmagpy.model_utils.pp_from_bspline() to convert the spline coefficients from B-spline to PP format.

  • Changed the way piecewise polynomials are produced from the coefficients in shc-files. A B-spline representation is now created in an intermediate step to ensure coefficient time series that are smooth.

  • Changed the number format to '16.8f' when writing shc-files to increase precision.

  • Configuration parameters in chaosmagpy.basicConfig are now saved to and loaded from a json-formatted txt-file.

  • Added keyword arguments to chaosmagpy.chaos.CHAOS.synth_coeffs_sm() and chaosmagpy.chaos.CHAOS.synth_values_sm() to provide the RC-index values directly instead of using the built-in RC-index file.

Version 0.6

Date: March 22, 2021
Release: v0.6
Version of CHAOS: CHAOS-7.6 (0706), CHAOS-7.7 (0707)


The latest version of CHAOS (CHAOS-7.7) corrects an error in the distributed CHAOS-7.6 model files. The mat-file and shc-file for CHAOS-7.6 were due to a bug identical to CHAOS-7.5, i.e. not correctly updated. The distributed spline coefficient file for CHAOS-7.6 was correct. The CHAOS-7.7 release corrects the errors and all CHAOS-7.7 files use updated data to March 2021.

ChaosMagPy v0.6 also works with CHAOS-7.7 and does not need to be updated (2021-06-15).


  • Added new usage sections to the documentation


  • Fixed broken link to RC-index file (GitHub issue #5).

  • Added lxml to installation instructions (needed for webpage requests, optional).

  • Require hdf5storage version 0.1.17 (fixed read/write intent)

Version 0.5

Date: December 23, 2020
Release: v0.5
Version of CHAOS: CHAOS-7.5 (0705)


Version 0.4

Date: September 10, 2020
Release: v0.4
Version of CHAOS: CHAOS-7.3 (0703), CHAOS-7.4 (0704)


Version 0.3

Date: April 20, 2020
Release: v0.3
Version of CHAOS: CHAOS-7.2 (0702)


The version identifier of the CHAOS model using x, which stands for an extension of the model, has been replaced in favor of a simple version numbering. For example, CHAOS-6.x9 is the 9th extension of the CHAOS-6 series. But starting with the release of the CHAOS-7 series, the format CHAOS-7.1 has been adopted to indicate the first release of the series, CHAOS-7.2 the second release (formerly the first extension) and so on.


Version 0.2.1

Date: November 20, 2019
Release: v0.2.1
Version of CHAOS: CHAOS-7.1 (0701)


  • Corrected function chaosmagpy.coordinate_utils.zenith_angle() which was computing the solar zenith angle from phi defined as the hour angle and NOT the geographic longitude. The hour angle is measure positive towards West and negative towards East.

Version 0.2

Date: October 3, 2019
Release: v0.2
Version of CHAOS: CHAOS-7.1 (0701)




  • Fixed collocation matrix for unordered collocation sites. Endpoint now correctly taken into account.

Version 0.1

Date: May 10, 2019
Release: v0.1
Version of CHAOS: CHAOS-6-x9



Version 0.1a3

Date: February 19, 2019
Release: v0.1a3


  • New CHAOS class method chaosmagpy.chaos.CHAOS.save_matfile() to output MATLAB compatible files of the CHAOS model (using the hdf5storage package).

  • Added epoch keyword to basevector input arguments of GSM, SM and MAG coordinate systems.


  • Fixed problem of the setup configuration for pip which caused importing the package to fail although installation was indicated as successful.

Version 0.1a2

Date: January 26, 2019
Release: v0.1a2



  • Fixed wrong package requirement that caused the installation of ChaosMagPy v0.1a1 to fail with pip. If installation of v0.1a1 is needed, use pip install --no-deps chaosmagpy==0.1a1 to ignore faulty requirements.

Version 0.1a1

Date: January 5, 2019
Release: v0.1a1


  • Package now supports Matplotlib v3 and Cartopy v0.17.

  • Loading shc-file now converts decimal year to mjd2000 taking leap years into account by default.

  • Moved mjd2000 from coordinate_utils to data_utils.

  • Added function to compute degree correlation.

  • Added functions to compute and plot the power spectrum.

  • Added flexibility to the function synth_values: now supports NumPy broadcasting rules.

  • Fixed CHAOS class method synth_coeffs_sm default source parameter: now defaults to 'external'.


  • Optional argument source when saving shc-file has been renamed to model.

  • plot_external_map has been renamed to plot_maps_external

  • synth_sm_field has been renamed to synth_coeffs_sm

  • synth_gsm_field has been renamed to synth_coeffs_gsm

  • plot_static_map has been renamed to plot_maps_static

  • synth_static_field has been renamed to synth_coeffs_static

  • plot_tdep_maps has been renamed to plot_maps_tdep

  • synth_tdep_field has been renamed to synth_coeffs_tdep

Version 0.1a0

Date: October 13, 2018
Release: v0.1a0

Initial release to the users for testing.