ChaosMagPy relies on the following (some are optional):

  • python>=3.6

  • numpy

  • scipy

  • pandas

  • cython

  • h5py

  • hdf5storage>0.1.17

  • matplotlib>=3

  • pyshp>=2.3.1

  • cdflib (optional)

  • lxml (optional)

Specific installation steps using the conda/pip package managers are as follows:

  1. Install packages with conda:

    >>> conda install python numpy scipy pandas cython pyshp matplotlib h5py lxml
  2. Install remaining packages with pip:

    >>> pip install cdflib hdf5storage
  3. Finally install ChaosMagPy either with pip from PyPI:

    >>> pip install chaosmagpy

    Or, if you have downloaded the distribution archives from the Python Package Index (PyPI) at, install ChaosMagPy using the built distribution:

    >>> pip install chaosmagpy-x.x-py3-none-any.whl

    replacing x.x with the relevant version, or using the source distribution:

    >>> pip install chaosmagpy-x.x.tar.gz