chaosmagpy.coordinate_utils.gg_to_geo(height, beta)[source]

Compute geocentric colatitude and radius from geodetic colatitude and vertical height above the ellipsoid as defined by the World Geodetic System 1984 (WGS84).

The equatorial and polar radius of the ellipsoid that approximates Earth’s surface are stored in chaosmagpy.basicConfig['params.ellipsoid'].

heightndarray, shape (…)

Altitude in kilometers.

betandarray, shape (…)

Geodetic colatitude

radiusndarray, shape (…)

Geocentric radius in kilometers.

thetandarray, shape (…)

Geocentric colatitude in degrees.


Equations (51)-(53) from “The main field” (chapter 4) by Langel, R. A. in:

“Geomagnetism”, Volume 1, Jacobs, J. A., Academic Press, 1987.