chaosmagpy.coordinate_utils.matrix_geo_to_base(theta, phi, base_1, base_2, base_3, inverse=None)[source]

Compute matrices to trasnform vector components from USE frame at given spherical geographic coordinates into components with respect to a rotated geocentric coordinate system.

thetafloat or ndarray, shape (…)

Geographic colatitude in degrees (GEO).

phifloat or ndarray, shape (…)

Geographic longitude in degrees (GEO).

base_1, base_2, base_3ndarray, shape (…, 3)

Base vectors 1 through 3 as columns with respect to GEO.


Use inverse transformation instead, i.e. transform from rotated coordinates to geographic (default is False).

thetandarray, shape (…)

Reference colatitude in degrees \([0^\circ, 180^\circ]\).

phindarray, shape (…)

Reference longitude in degrees \((-180^\circ, 180^\circ]\).

Rndarray, shape (…, 3, 3), optional

Array of matrices that rotates vectors B in spherical GEO to the target spherical reference. The matrices (3x3) reside in the last two dimensions, while the leading dimensions are identical to the input grid.

B_radius_ref = B_radius
B_theta_ref = R[1, 1]*B_theta + R[1, 2]*B_phi
B_phi_ref = R[2, 1]*B_theta + R[2, 2]*B_phi